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How does Nestegg work?

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere NestEgg is an Online Course with an associated desktop Application. By following the course and using the Application you will end up with your own Crypto Inheritance Plan. This Plan ensures that, should something unexpected ever happen to you, that your Loved-Ones can find and claim your Crypto Assets without any […]

Matthew Mellon’s Family lost $500m in Crypto the day he died. Could you family find your Cryptos if they had to?

If you were not here tomorrow, would your Cryptos sit forgotten on a Blockchain forever? Matthew Mellon invested in Ripple (XRP) very early. An investment that eventually earned him a One Billion Dollar profit. Making him one of Crypto’s Top-Ten richest Investors. In 2018 Matthew died unexpectedly. He died without leaving clear instructions how his […]


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