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Welcome to NestEgg

Should you die unexpectedly, what happens to your Crypto Investments?

Can your family find your Cryptos without your help? Every Wallet, Coin and Token?

Or will your Cryptos be lost, forgotten on a Blockchain forever?

NestEgg protects you from such loss.

Using NestEgg you build an anonymous and encrypted inventory of your Crypto Investments, to which you add messages and instructions for your loved-ones.

Your NestEgg Inventory is then stored on the Ethereum Blockchain, decentralised, secure, anonymous and encrypted.

Should you lose contact with the NestEgg application then, and only then, is this information sent to your pre-chosen contacts.

NestEgg does not transfer your Crypto Coins and tokens. Instead we inform your loved-ones of what you own and where they can find it.

Read the info below and watch our 90 second video for more details.

Anonymous and Confidential

  • Register using an email address only.
  • Your loved ones only ever see your Inventory if something  happens to you.
  • Otherwise your NestEgg information is for-your-eyes-only.

Secure and Simple to use

  • Your Inventory is saved on your computer and the Ethereum blockchain, NOT in a Centralised ‘Hackable’ Database.
  • Your Instructions are written so as to be safe, even if read by an unauthorised person (see the  ‘Is my Information Safe’ tab above).

NestEgg is not an Escrow Service

  • NestEgg transfers your inventory and instructions.
  • We do not access your wallets or transfer your Cryptos.
  • NestEgg does not ask you for your Wallet Passwords or Private Keys.

NestEgg is not ‘a quick fix’

  • Using NestEgg you build your own personalised Crypto Inheritance Plan
  • This may take you several hours to complete
  • Many users return to their plans routinely to update and improve them

Your Information is as safe as the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Your Information lives locally, on your own Computer in an encrypted data file.
  • It is then saved to a Dedicated Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Your information is as encrypted, anonymous, decentralised and secure as any Cryptocurrency.

You do not enter sensitive information such as Passwords or Private Keys into NestEgg.

  • So how do you pass your ‘Crypto Wallet Access’ details to your Beneficiaries?
  • Using NestEgg we walk you step-by-step through a process which creates two sets of documents containing the information your beneficiaries will need
  • One set of documents is managed using NestEgg
  • The other you save somewhere safe or with a trusted third party
  • Only when the two documents are combined can the reader access your Crypto Assets
  • Each document alone can not be used to access your Crypto Assets
  • We call this ‘The NestEgg Model’

It is easy to use the NestEgg Model and launch your Crypto Inheritance Plan

  • Please don’t worry if the NestEgg model sounds complex
  • It’s purpose is to reduce specific risks which we discuss as you prepare your Crypto Inheritance Plan
  • So we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you launch your Plan
  • Frankly if you can master the concepts needed to own and manage Cryptocurrency then the NestEgg Application and Model should present no issues for you
  • Please see the ‘Signup” tab above to get started

NestEgg is coming in May 2019

For launch details lease join our Mailing List or follow us on Twitter @nestegg_io

Welcome to NestEgg

What might happen to your Crypto Investments if you died suddenly? Could your Family find those Investments? Or would they lose them on a Blockchain forever?

Using NestEgg you can protect your Family from such loss.

NestEgg is an anonymous and encrypted inventory of your Crypto Assets. To this Inventory you add instructions and messages for your loved-ones.

This information is then stored on the Ethereum Blockchain in your own dedicated Smart Contract.

Should you lose contact with the NestEgg application then, and only then, would this information be sent to the people you asked us to send it to.

What does NestEgg Do?

NestEgg is a Web Browser based Application. It allows you to build an easy to maintain Inventory of your Crypto Wallets.

To this you add Instructions for your loved-ones and an email address for each person you wish to receive your Inventory and Instructions.

NestEgg Only moves your information. We do NOT move your Crypto Coins themselves. We do not even touch them.

Select friends and colleagues that you trust to help manage and transfer your assets. This is an opt-in process and you have complete control over this list of people and their contact details from within NestEgg.


Your information lives in an encrypted file on your own computer. When you go live with NestEgg it is then saved to your own dedicated Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Your data sits on the Blockchain, in a decentralised encrypted Smart Contract. As safe as all other Crypto Assets.

NestEgg is only for Desktop computers at this time. You need to open our application in a web browser.


Please go online from a Laptop and go to to open an account and get your free downloadable NestEgg file.

NestEgg runs on a Desktop / Tablet Browser only.
Sorry there is no mobile NestEgg App at this time.


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