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Welcome to NestEgg

Our goal is to help protect your Family and Crypto Currency should the unexpected happen to you.

Crypto is complex and anonymous. If the unexpected happens will your family find your Crypto Assets? Or could your Cryptos be lost on a Blockchain forever?

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NestEgg is an encrypted and anonymous Inventory of your Crypto Assets.

You add messages and instructions to your Inventory.
Should NestEgg lose contact with you then these details are sent to your loved ones.

Safety and Security:

  • NestEgg does not access your wallets or transfer your Coins.
  • We do not ask you for Passwords or Private Keys.
  • We transfer your inventory and instructions only.

Secure and Simple to use:

  • Your Inventory is saved on your computer and the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Your Instructions are written so as to be safe, even if read by an unauthorised person (see ‘Step 3’ above).

Anonymous and Confidential:

  • Register using your email address only.
  • Your loved ones can only access your Inventory if it is sent to them. Otherwise your NestEgg inventory is for-your-eyes-only.

What NestEgg is NOT...

  • It is not a replacement for a legal Will & Testament
    • We strongly suggest you put a Will together.
    • You do not need a Will to use NestEgg. You can develop a Will later on.
  • It is not an ‘Escrow’ or ‘Asset Transfer System’
    • We do not move your coins, we don’t even touch them.
  • It is not an Estate-Tax avoidance system
    • For your Beneficiaries sake you really should do things legally.
    • This is your choice of course, but we discuss why you should in our forthcoming Blog.

This 90 second long video explains NestEgg in detail.

NestEgg follows a Step-by-Step process

NestEgg will take an hour or more to setup:

  • This depends on the complexity of your Crypto Portfolio
  • The ‘Step 1’ to ‘Step 5’ tabs above describe the Steps in detail.
  • You can save your progress and work on NestEgg in stages.

NestEgg is a Desktop Browser based Application:

  • Your information is encrypted and saved locally on your computer as you complete your Inventory.
  • Those details never leave your browser, don’t worry we remind you to save your edits and updates before you exit NestEgg.

You Pay for NestEgg only when ready to go-live:

  • When your details are complete you pay your subscription fee and go-live.
  • Your details are then uploaded to the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • NestEgg begins to email you routinely to ‘check-in’ and ensure all is well with you.

NestEgg recommends these Browsers.


Brave Browser Warning.

  • NestEgg uses DATA files to save your inventory on your computer.
  • Brave recognises these files as TEXT files.
  • If the user does not manually change the file setting then the downloaded file becomes corrupted.
  • We are looking for a solution currently.

Step 1 - My Cryptos (Your Wallet ID Inventory)


You will need an Ethereum Wallet with a small balance.

This “Default” ETH wallet owns the Smart Contract where your information is saved.

Your Crypto Asset Inventory is built using your Pubic Wallet IDs. Both the Wallets on your Exchange(s) as well as your Mobile, Software, Hardware and Paper Wallets.


As well as informing your loved ones of what you own the Inventory gives all recipients a block-explorer based auditing ability.


By using each coins block-explorer they can double check each transaction made by your Trustees to audit the dispersal of your coins.

Step 2 - My Trustees


Trustees are the people that NestEgg will send your details to should you become unresponsive to our Check-In emails. Select your Trustees and email them a personalised opt-in message from within NestEgg.


Our Blog articles about “The NestEgg Model” can give you advice on best practice in choosing and managing your Trustees.

Step 3 - My Data

Your Instructions to loved ones

Please do not put passwords or private keys here.

We’ve developed a template document to help you.

It will be published on our Blog soon after we launch.

Here you leave your messages and instructions for your ‘Trustees’.


This section may take an hour or more to complete, which is time well spent if it stops your coins being forgotten.


We’ve developed a template to help you document access to your assets in a low-risk way. The template keeps you in control of all the sensitive information, as you shouldn’t put such details anywhere outside of your direct control.

Using NestEgg you send instructions to Trustees and your Beneficiaries on how you want your Sensitive Information (access to your Cryptos) to be processed.

Our Blog articles on “The NestEgg Model” will help you to accomplish this. These are being finalised so they are as clear and brief as possible. We will publish these soon on our Blog..

Step 4 - Email Check-In


Step 4 is where you tell us how often we should email you to check-in.


You use this page to set the following options:

  • The email address we contact you on.
  • How often we send you a ‘Check-in‘ email.
  • How many days you need to respond to each ‘Check-in’ email.
  • How many ‘Reminder‘ emails we send (if you don’t reply to our ‘Check-in’ email) before we contact your Trustees.

If you need to be offline for an extended period you can Pause your NestEgg account for up to 90 days.

Step 5 - Your Smart Contract

Payment Options

When you subscribe to NestEgg your information is saved to the Ethereum Blockchain as well as a local file on your own Computer.

Your information is encrypted onto your own dedicated Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Pay your subscription using any of six Crypto Currencies. You can transfer any sum you wish. We suggest at least one year of monthly fees, which is 60 US dollars (5 dollars a month).


Cancel Anytime and get a refund of the credit that remains on your account.

Welcome to NestEgg

If you were not here tomorrow would your Crypto Assets sit forgotten on a blockchain forever? Could your loved ones find your Cryptos without you?

NestEgg helps you pass your Crypto Investments to your loved ones should the unexpected ever happen to you.

The NestEgg Concept

NestEgg is an Inventory of your Crypto Assets saved to the Ethereum Blockchain.You record your Inventory details, instuctions for your beneficiaries and setup a schedule for NestEgg to email you.


If we lose contact with you then these details are passed to your loved ones so your assets can be retrieved and not lost.


NestEgg moves your information and not your coins, don’t worry we do not touch or transfer your assets. We simply inform your loved ones where those assets are.

You record your wallet Public Id’s, your exchange and wallet IDs. This provides your loved ones with the information they need to:

  • Understand what assets you own
  • Audit those assets to ensure they receive everything due when your account balances are transferred

You document details to help your beneficiaries access your Cryptos.


Don’t worry. We strongly advise you do not put any sensitive passwords or private keys into NestEgg. We provide you with a template document that, if you choose to follow it, can help you pass relevent details onwards whilst keeping control of the sensitive information yourself.

Our Blog Posts about “The NestEgg Model” explain how.

Select friends and colleagues that you trust to help manage and transfer your assets. This is an opt-in process and you have complete control over this list of people and their contact details from within NestEgg.


Your information lives in an encrypted file on your own computer. When you go live with NestEgg it is then saved to your own dedicated Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Your data sits on the Blockchain, in a decentralised encrypted Smart Contract. As safe as all other Crypto Assets.

NestEgg is only for Desktop computers at this time. You need to open our application in a web browser.


Please go online from a Laptop and go to to open an account and get your free downloadable NestEgg file.

NestEgg runs on a Desktop / Tablet Browser only.
Sorry there is no mobile NestEgg App at this time.


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