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If you were not here tomorrow,

Could your Family find your Crypto Assets without you? Or would your Investments sit forgotten on a Blockchain forever?

NestEgg can help.

NestEgg users build an anonymous, encrypted Inventory of their Crypto Assets. This is saved to the Ethereum Blockchain for Decentralised safekeeping.

You never put Passwords or Private Keys into NestEgg

Users never put passwords or private keys into NestEgg. Your secure "Crypto Access" information never leaves your own safekeeping.

How does NestEgg help?

Once your info is saved to your Smart Contract then NestEgg emails you routinely. If we lose contact with you (and you define for how long) then your details are emailed to your loved-ones.

These tiles will need to go in order to the points they make flow logically.

NestEgg Advantages


You only join with an Email address. In fact we advise you use a new address that has no relation to you (name or employerblah blah)

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Confidentiality & Timing

Until you lose touch with NestEgg everything remains accessible only by you so you can make edits and change trustees as needed.

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Decentralised Information

No Central DB & Trustees can get their info directly from the SC if needed. Though I need to put 3 to 4 rows of text to ensure it lines up

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1 to 3 hours of your time

Notes about how long it will take the user to setup their 1st draft plan, from there they need to edit routinely which is why NestEgg is god

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Easy to update and edit

Notes to follow on from '1 to 3 hours to highlight that the user will need to edit and update the plan over time and nestegg is the easy option.

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Trustee Messaging

Leave the messages you need for your loved-ones and friends to be sent only if you lose touch with the NestEgg application.

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